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Special Edition: Books and Breakfast

Sounds of Resistance brings you this special edition by Forward Radio. This media creation takes a look at the monthly Books and Breakfast sessions. “[T]he goal of [Books & Breakfast] is to cultivate an environment that promotes connectivity and open dialogue surrounding social justice issues, political theory, and educational development.” – HandsUpUnited You can keep […]

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My Bornday, WFMP, & Our Stories

It’s that time of year again where I’ll be celebrating another annual cycle in this world. I’ve spent the last 12 months working on a variety of issues: workers rights, female veterans’ advocacy, & #BlackLivesMatter, to name a few. One thing that is consistent, regardless of issue or cause, is the need to communicate effectively. […]


An Open Letter To Tipped Workers

To all of my friends and colleagues working for the tipped minimum wage, it is time to organize. We have been left out of legislation and overlooked for long enough. It is time to rise up, stand strong, and organize. And here is why… Employees who work for the tipped minimum wage (Nationally at $2.13 […]

Backpacks, Hope, and Giving Back

Backpacks, Hope, and Giving Back

As a parent, I truly appreciate how many people and organizations are giving away backpacks and school supplies this year in Louisville.  As a fellow parent, I believe that other parents appreciate this as well.  I’d like to think that the children themselves are glad to start the school year with new supplies and backpacks […]


Food, Organizing, and an NC3 Reunion

If you have ever organized in the South, then you know the key to effective organizing in the South: food.  Not just food, in and of itself.  Food, as in prepared meals, eaten together food.  And not just a couple delivery pizzas and two-liters. (as a disclosure, I love pizza) But food that you have […]

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Classified Workers Deserve Respect from JCPS

I am a parent with children in the Jefferson County Public School system.  I would like to begin with a quote that will contextualize what I have to say, “The provisions contained within this Agreement shall be effective from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2017 with the exception of Article 10, Compensation, which will […]

Thank You, Ms. Bunny

In the world today, with all of our up-to-the minute news coverage & communications options, we share a collective spirit of outrage when stories break about children being molested, assaulted, and harmed. We are quick to “share” these stories on our social media outlets. Oftentimes, we find ourselves asking “Why? Why would someone do _____ […]


We Have an Affordable Housing Crisis in Louisville

Yes, I said it – the affordable housing crisis continues in Louisville, despite our concerted efforts. And by “our” I mean several organizations, hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people, and a handful of legislators. After seven years of organizing and hard work, we still do not have a dedicated funding stream for the Louisville Affordable […]